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“I believe that company’s success lies in its people performance. The more you invest in people and improving their skill sets the more they will flourish in the company. Our culture is the foundation of our success it is completely people oriented. We provide equal opportunity, promote open culture, encouraging feedback and actively transforming it in to action.”

– Saurabh Baid, Founder Study Square

Our open culture makes us preferred choice of Employee
Beyond Boundaries

Boundaries cannot confines our work, we are global in our thinking and action. Operative at multiple locations we encourage culture of open communication, hiring right people from any location of globe who fits to the requirement. We are fueled by the deep connectedness between people, clients, communities, technology, partners, ideas and environment.

Learning & succeeding opportunities

The more you learn the more you grow, we believe that investing in our people’s skills and competencies brings higher productive and business results. We provide technical and soft skill trainings to our employee and also develop them as a future trainers. The learnings of trainings are implemented in to action and are applied in real time. Our rewards and appreciations are exceptional, transparent and purely based on individual performance. We develop future leaders by providing succeeding opportunity to hi-pots existing employee to next hierarchical level.

Work Environment
Empowering , Enriching, Exhilarating

The incredible environment, consistent growth opportunity, never ending innovation and the work life balance makes the study square a great place to work. At Study Square we endeavor to provide more than a job. We are customer oriented and people centric, we provide all resources for our employee to achieve customer’s interests. We strive to provide the culture of growth and freedom to our people.  We firmly believe that we can achieve business efficiency only through our people and their expertise in innovation.


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