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PhD in France for Indian Students: A Guide for 2023

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PhD in France for Indian Students: A Guide for 2023

Frances teaches over 15,000 doctrates and graduates every year and there is no denying that France is one of the best choices for Indian students for studying PhD. The education system of the nation is recognised globally and has extremely affordable study fees which tends to attract a number of international students for continuing higher education. PhD is a study level that is gaining popularity and provides a number of scholarship opportunities as well.

Therefore, the Indian PhD students in France can benefit from some of the most famous universities providing excellent educational services. France has a number of renowned Nobel laureates and is rated the second highest among students. This article provides all the essential information that you will need if you want to study PhD in France.

Reasons to Do PhD in France for Indian Students


France covers the majority of the tuition fees only for public institutions which states that the fees for PhD in France is comparatively cheaper than in many nations. Therefore, for studying in France for Indian students, the fee ranges between 243 EUR to 30,000 EUR every year. Majority of the French universities also cancel the thirties fees and ask the students to just pay the registration fees. 

Leisure & Tourism

France is one of the best identified study destinations in the world which is known to attract a number of Indian students due to its diversity, rich culture and heritage. 

Unique Education System

The French education system characterises a large network of small institutions which provide a number of advantages and tends to offer the best education to PhD students in India.

Work Contracts

There are a number of French universities which tend to fund doctoral programs for Indian PhD students in France. You can also receive work contracts of up to 3 years in France.

Top PhD Universities in France

France ensures that students receive the greatest education possible while also providing them with the industrial exposure and real-world learning experiences that are necessary for a successful profession. Here are a few of the most well-known universities in France that offer PhD programmes:

  • CASS Europe
  • HEC Paris
  • Toulouse School of Management
  • KEDGE Business School
  • The Sustainable Design School, and
  • University of Kent, Paris School of Arts and Culture

Eligibility Criteria for PhD in France for Indian Students

A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree

International students must complete a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the chosen field in France, or an equivalent, in order to enrol in any PhD programme there. 

English Language Proficiency

 The application process for international students includes passing an English language competence test. IELTS and the TOEFL (100) are generally regarded tests (7.5). 

Motivation to Join the French Universities

Majority of the French universities accept Indian students in their PhD courses having the right amount of zeal and zest and a willingness to join the university.

Academic Records

 Good academic standing among international students gives them a greater advantage over rivals.

Professional Experiences

Even though most French colleges don’t need it, having professional experience can improve your application.

Admission Requirements for Indian Students in France

Below mentioned are some of the requirements that are required for Indian students to study PhD in France.

  • Look for a PhD in France that you want to go forward with.
  • Select your thesis and it’s supervision and get it approved by the specific French university.
  • Apply to the university and make sure that you fit in all the entry requirements.
  • Attend an interview either online or face to face.
  • Once done, apply for a student visa and funding.

Documents Required

For finishing with the PhD in France, the Indian students need to submit all the supporting documents such as:

  1.  CV or Resume
  2. Degree Certificates
  3. Personal statements
  4. Educational transcripts
  5. GMAT/ GRE score
  6. Thesis selected and supervisor selected
  7. Two online references
  8. ID proof and passport photo
  9. Application fee payment

Cost Of Studying PhD in France

The overall cost of studying PhD in France can be determined on the basis of two factors, cost of living and the tuition fees

  • Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for pursuing PhD in France for Indian or international students ranges between 380 EUR to 30,000 EUR every year. However, a number roc French universities generally tend to waive off the tuition fees for all the PhD students in exchange of an annual registration fee which ranges in between 243 EUR to 980 EUR. It can further be divided into two categories,

  1. Public Institutes – The fees for PhD in France in public colleges range around €380 per year.
  2. Private Institutes – The fee for phd in France in private colleges is higher than public institutions and ranges in between €3,000-10,000 per year.
  • Cost of Accomodation

French monthly living expenses range from 600 to 800 euros. Living expenses in France’s leading cities for students will run between 650 and 1800 euros per month. You’ll have to pay for things like lodging, transportation, health insurance, and personal costs. 

Program Duration of PhD in France

The duration of a PhD in France typically ranges from 3 to 6 years, depending on the institution and the academic area that you select, and consists of 6 quarters for a typical 3-year degree programme. At the start of each scholastic year for the first three years of the programme, the students are automatically re-enrolled. But after three years, the programme comes to an end, and the students must re-register for the doctoral programme by submitting a document indicating that they have the ability to finish their thesis in the allotted time.

Final Conclusion

France is one of the best academic choice that you can make if you want to opt for PhD and become a doctorate. We hope that all your questions have been answered with the help of this article. Get in touch with us now if you have any query left. Our team of experts will be glad to help you out. 

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