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With financial aid, things become a lot easier.

Global Education can be an expensive affair and hence, multiple universities offer scholarships to not only make it easier for you to study abroad but also to ensure you stay determined to pursue your dreams.

Universities believe in offering these scholarships so as to ensure that dedicated students do not miss the chance of global education, while being stressed about arrangement of funds.

    • With Study Square, rest assured about finding the most lucrative scholarships.
    • With scholarships, ease your financial burden
    • Don’t let money keep you away from your dream

Learn about the best scholarships out there, with us. Scholarships are a great way to fulfil your dream of studying abroad with the least amount of financial burden. We at Study Square believe money is the last thing that should intervene with one’s dream of wanting to do more in life.

Scholarships are basically in place for all the aspirants to understand that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, what matters is how much you want to invest in your Global Education.

Moreover, scholarships are a great reward one can get for their previous academic and extracurricular profiles, which stand out.

Have a transparent and fulfilling discussion with our counsellors and learn about the best scholarship options available. With guided discussions, you will be able to grab the most beneficial scholarship and save significant tuition fees.

Here are a few scholarships that International Institutions offer: 

For Undergraduate Students
    • Merit-based scholarship
    • Provincial Government scholarship
    • Need-based grants and bursaries by college
    • Tuition Fee waiver
    • Commonwealth scholarship
    • Private or Organisational scholarship
For Graduate Students
    • Teaching assistantship
    • Provincial Government scholarship
    • Research associateship
    • Professional Development award
    • Fellowship
    • Merit-based scholarship
    • Commonwealth scholarship
    • Private / Organisational scholarship
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