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Our Partners

We are super proud of our partner universities, which are all across the globe, located in the most popular and worth living cities and countries.

Moreover, we are humbled to share that we have impressive relations with all of them.

Here are a few things that we consider for partnering with any university and college abroad:

  • International Students Ratio & Diversity
  • Services and Offerings for international students  
  • On-Campus work opportunities and Industry partners
  • Location & Setting
  • Course Fees and Cost of Living
  • Scholarships and Rewards for Students
  • Research & Development Aspects
  • Alumni Base and Network

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Random shortlisting of universities or colleges is like an arranged marriage or one sided love. As a team of experts we at Study Square follows a process and a mechanism for university shortlisting. A biased decision could hide you from the unpleasant facts and figures. Often students find themselves stuck between two courses or among few universities, unable to choose one. With some brainstorming conversations between the students and our experienced counsellors about the universities being shortlisted, we not only help students with information that come from first hand experience, but we also paint a probable picture in front of them of their future affair with studying abroad.


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Study Square is an International student placement consultancy with the aim of maximizing the admission offers and financial aid chances that international students aspire for in their global education

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