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Who Are We

Study Square is a global channel of international education consultants which serves as a connecting bridge to students and universities around the world.

We know how important of a decision it is to choose to study abroad. All the preparation, planning and thinking that goes into it can be very intimidating. 

We at Study Square believe in working closely with the students to understand their requirements and help them in working towards their goal of a global education. 

Our experts have a tried-and-true experience in International Education, so they understand what the students go through and thus can help by working more closely with them.

Our squad of professionals from the education industry are extremely qualified and passionate about guiding students in their dream of a global education. We help students from identifying their goals to applying for a course in their dream university.

Through every course imaginable, right from engineering to History, Business and Biology, we help make all dreams of the students a reality after recruiting in the most renowned universities all over the world. 

Our 350+ partners globally know that Study Square delivers what they promise. These numbers are growing constantly as more organisations partner with us. We present them genuinely and give them a platform to interact with possible students worldwide.

We understand that scholarships are awards and returns of what you have earned in your previous academics, social and professional life. By finding appropriate scholarship programs and partnering through various universities, we help offset the costs of studying abroad.

Our curatorial and collaborative approaches have given us an opportunity to work with some leading industry partners and international education associations.

Networking is the key to success when trying to build your career. We have a vast network of industry leaders and organisations with a local connection in major cities worldwide to help students set up with things like visa, insurance, funding, accommodation and more. 

Here are just a few of our professional memberships and accreditations which make us aware of and ready for what is happening in the international education industry.

Our Accreditations

Our Industry Partners

The services we offer

Study Square is your one stop shop for everything you need to know about studying abroad. 

We provide expert guidance and counselling to students so that they can get a chance of studying at their dream university. We work very closely with the students and understand their needs and requirements and guide them to the courses and universities that are best suited for them. 

Study Square, alongside making the process of selecting a university easy, also helps out the students with things like visa, health insurance, banking and accommodation amongst other things, to make the process of having a global education more accessible. 

With multiple partnerships with renowned universities across the globe, Study Square provides students with great opportunities and options that they can choose from. We select which universities we partner with by carefully analysing certain aspects like courses, ethos, culture, course delivery format, cost, international student support, work opportunities, diversity and location. After these criteria are met, we become more confident about the institution and if it is the right place for our students.

We take care of everything and make it an A-ha! moment for you!

In your quest of studying abroad, Study Square helps out with everything, right from profile discussion,  appropriate course selection, college shortlisting and application submission, to helping secure the visa and also things like health cover and insurance. Study Square handles everything, so you don’t have to!

Our years of experience as an education counsellor, has led us to develop strong relationships with many of our industry and university partners. 

We have a dedicated & experienced team who takes care of excessive, intricate and meticulous work with documents necessary throughout the application and visa process. 

Why Choose Us

Career decisions are not only crucial but also a base for your future, making them all the way more important. 

There are multiple reasons and we can go on and on, but we’d like to start by sharing a few facts and figures.


Students choose us

  • We have an excellent team of white-collar professionals having over a decade of experience in the overseas education industry. We have a culture of taking challenges and following deadlines that help us handle just about anything that comes in our way in the form of the student’s doubts and premonitions about studying abroad. We are proud to share our impeccable relations with our counterparts. We also have an indisputable rapport with some major universities across the globe. 
  • When you collaborate with Study Square, you are basically in for becoming a preference for your dream universities.
  • We have a very impressive Application to Offer ratio. Our well trained staff is remarkably good at matching genuine candidates with the right course and institutes.
  • We have a simplified visa guidance without unnecessary obstructions. With minimum processing time, we make the process hassle free.
  • We have a great network in the local markets which helps us get genuine and productive feedback, which at the end of the day, helps us improve.  

With experience that speaks for itself and facilities that give an edge and aid you to achieve your dreams, we at Study Square make dreams come true. 


Clients choose us

  • We have a trusted presence in the potentially high student recruitment markets.
  • We work in accordance with Client’s Principles and follow the Code of ethics as per the partnership agreement.  
  • Whilst working for students, we continuously work to present our partners in a better and innovative way.

We invite institutions in AUS, CAN, NZ, Ireland, UK and USA, open for partnership, to connect and discuss the opportunity to become a part of our network. At the same time, we wish to assure you of services of the highest quality and integrity in all our operations.

What students say about Study Square
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Study Square is an International student placement consultancy with the aim of maximizing the admission offers and financial aid chances that international students aspire for in their global education

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