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The Lion City of Singapore, with its articulately planned and steady growth, lays great emphasis on the value and contribution of education towards its flourishing economy.

International students get to experience a truly sophisticated cosmopolitan living at its finest.

  • Global academic excellence- Singapore exhibits a world-class academic system which is highly competitive and progressive, thereby earning a superior global reputation for education which is also highly valued by employers around the world.
  • Industry Hub- With various MNC giants having their Asian Head Offices set up in Singapore, students get access to global industries and have the opportunity to associate with leading industry players and open doors to potential employment.
  • Culturally diverse society- English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil are the official languages spoken in Singapore, allowing International students to prosper and explore various ethnic cultures and providing multiple avenues of communication.
  • High standard of living- Considering all the economic, political and geographic benefits, Singapore is considered an extremely viable study destination, with students being able to experience an immersive approach to education.
  • Safety and Security- Singapore enjoys the reputation of one of the safest cities in the world adhering to stringent laws enforcement. Many universities even have their own security patrols to offer a sense to comfort to International students living in a foreign city away from home.
  • Cost-efficient affordability- In comparison to other major study destinations such as US, UK, Canada, Australia, the tuition and living expenses are fairly modest for an education in Singapore.
Singapore’s Education System

With a progressive education system, Singapore offers an exemplary standard of academics imparted across all levels of education that stands a class apart worldwide.

The education system includes;

  • Primary School: for 6 years
  • Secondary School: for 4-6 years
  • Post-secondary school: for 1-3 years
  • Junior College Pre university: for 2 years
  • Centralized institute Pre-university- for 3 years

Singapore comprises of Public schools as well as International Schools that follow the foreign education system.

Students can pursue higher education from;

  • Universities– There are 6 autonomous universities in Singapore which provide students with Research-oriented as well as coursework programs, awarding them with degrees and diplomas based on their choice of course upon successful completion.
  • Polytechnics- There are 5 polytechnic institutes in Singapore offering industry-oriented programs to International students. Successful completion awards the students with a degree or diploma depending on the course.
  • Institute of Technical Education- offer courses to specialize in the technical know-how in fields such as media, business, electronics, applied science.

Apart from the Universities of Singapore, which are autonomous, the Council for Private Education regulates all other private institutes of higher education.

A number of leading international universities have collaborated with Singapore to

  • Set up a physical campus – such as INSEAD Business School, Duke University, SP Jain Center of Management
  • Joint collaboration with local universities- from universities like John Hopkins, MIT, The Wharton School, Stanford, Cornell.
Types of Qualifications

Here is a brief review of the prevalent study options in Singapore across different levels in Singapore Dollars:



Advanced Diploma

Provided by institutions offering specialized technical training to students and preparing them with the required skill sets for their aspiring field of industry. 6-18 months SDG$10,000-SDG$15,000
Bachelor’s Degree Undergraduate programs focusing on academic knowledge in a variety of courses across various disciples. 3-4 years SGD$15,000- SGD$19,000
Post Graduate Diploma Vocational in nature, this qualification aims to develop practical skills of students in a speedy manner. Students can apply after completing their bachelors’ degree preferable in a similar field. It can sometimes be equivalent to a masters’ qualification. 6-14 months SDG$15,000-SDG$25,000
Master’s Degree Postgraduate programs provide a broader view of the subject area and available for coursework as well as research merit. It requires relevant bachelor’s degree from a similar field. 1-2 years SGD$20,000- SGD$54,000
Doctoral Degree

Higher doctoral degree

PhD is a premier research award which require a masters’ degree and a pre-approved research proposal by a panel of institute academics for admission. 2-5 years SDG$20,000-SDG$40,000
*Please note all fee figures are indicative
Student Bursaries

Many institutions offer variety of financial assistance for international students in the form of

  • Grants- Usually issued by the government, to award students with monetary assistance to pay for their university education, on the basis of their financial need.
  • Scholarships- Financial aids designed to support student’s education based on academic or other achievements.
  • Tuition waiver- They are granted by the university and essentially reduces the amount of tuition fees that the institute usually charges.
  • Studentships- This type of funding is usually provided for a specific project, covering the cost of tuition and research material along with a stipend allowance for the student.

There are a number of lucrative scholarships offered to International students in addition to the Tuition Grant Scheme introduced by the Ministry of Education that grants subsidies to students studying at local public universities. This is applicable for undergraduate as well as post-graduate students.

Intake season

By and large, there are 2 semester intakes by Singapore universities;

  • August Intake
  • January Intake

There are a few institutes who offer a third intake in the month of October as well.

Based on the university and course you are applying for and the qualifications you have, the application process and their deadlines vary to a great extent. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get a clear understanding based on your choices and be well aware of submission dates to avoid any end moment crisis.

  • Begin the admission process at least 6 months prior
  • Dedicate 3 of those months to accurately fill the application forms
  • Complete any aptitude or Language tests 3 months before
  • Complete visa application and interviews 3 months prior
Employment Opportunities and Future Prospects in Singapore:

The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore allows International students to work part-time for 16 hours per week for the duration of their course and full-time during holiday breaks.

International students are eligible to enjoy this policy on their Student Pass itself, provided their university supports a part-time work program.

Once students have successfully completed their course, undergraduate or postgraduate, they can choose to continue staying in Singapore for another year, even without an immediate job offer, by applying for a Long-term Visit Pass.

International Students who do manage to secure a job during this time get issued a Work Pass to give them the permission to stay and work in Singapore.

Additionally, International students who choose to opt for financial assistance provided under the Tuition Grant Scheme requires them to sign an agreement, committing to work for at least 3 years in a Singapore registered company after completing graduation.

Given the level of attraction Singapore poses for investors, the job prospects are expected to continue booming making it a lucrative option for international students for pursuing their higher education.

Student Visa Requirements

International Students are required to possess a Student Pass as per the Immigration regulations.

The Student visa is automatically issued as soon as you are offered a confirmation of acceptance by a university in Singapore, however International students will be required to apply for the Student Pass with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

Students must ensure that they contact the authority within 2 weeks of receiving the acceptance letter from the university, through SOLAR- Student’s pass Online Application Registration System, which is where your institute will also register you in order to obtain a student pass. You will be required to complete e-Form 16 and pay the application fee.

This Student Pass will also allow you to work for 16 hours while you study in Singapore.

Some basic documents and requirements for the visa and permit are:

  • A valid passport
  • 2 Passport-size photographs
  • Letter of Acceptance from university
  • Application fee on University Website
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Attested academic transcripts
  • Attested work experience documents, if applicable
  • 2 Letters of recommendation from employer, if applicable
  • Certified English Proficiency Test scores (TOEFL/ IELTS/PTE/DUOLINGO)
  • Scores for GRE/ GMAT, if required
  • Proof of financial welfare
  • Successful registration through SOLAR
  • Filled and submitted e-Form 16 and application fee payment
  • In-principal Approval from University
Step-by-Step Guide to Application and Visa Process:

We understand that students may feel some apprehension since the process of acquiring the visa and pass varies in comparison to the usual, however our expert faculty at Study Square will guide and assist you every step of the way offering you the best chance of success.

All you need to do is;

  • Register on our website (provide link)
  • Schedule a meeting with our Admission counselor
  • Select a suitable course
  • Shortlist universities based on your preferences
  • With our assistance send your applications to the selected universities
  • Receive expert guidance for Visa process
  • Acquire Letter of Acceptance from the university
  • Obtain In-Principal Approval from the university
  • Avail our assistance to apply for the Student Pass
  • Make payment of financial deposits
  • Attend our pre-departure session
  • Get ready to make your mark on The Little Red Dot!
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