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Grab the opportunity to study in the UK

The UK has an undisputed reputation for academic excellence and quality with thousands of courses available for international students


The Great Britian, home of the royalty! Easily the most preferred and prestigious education hub, a dream destination for any aspiring student wanting a global education.

Glance back into history and you will be quick to find some of the most exceptional minds hailed from the UK, this is no coincidence that many renowned leaders received their education here.

  • Unparallel global prominence- Home to 4 of world’s top 10 universities, London by itself has the highest number of Top globally ranked universities per city. Copious number of Nobel Prize winners are alumni of British education institutes.
  • Multitude of study options- A comprehensive and diverse range of courses designed to deliver an innovative teaching environment by some of the most brilliant minds, who will help harvest your untapped potential.
  • Modest cost of education- Due to shorter duration of many undergraduate and master’s degree programs in comparison to other countries, the overall cost of course completion can be cheaper in contrast.
  • Potential work opportunities- International students are allowed to apply for a post study work permit upon successful completion of their course, they can stay and look for job prospects for up to 2 years.
  • Health benefits- The NHS provides free medical assistance to International students, which can be availed by paying a nominal International Health Surcharge.
  • Explore and Travel- The exceptional transport connections will allow you the opportunity to visit numerous neighboring countries and popular landmark destinations to experience the glory and beauty of Europe at its finest.
The UK Education System

Needless to say, academic excellence of the highest level permeates throughout the education framework in the UK, starting from the elementary level all the way to the pinnacle of the education pyramid.

International students will have a ton of options and choices to make if they plan to study in the UK. Essentially the education system in the UK is bifurcated into;

Primary education

Starting at age 5, this level comprises of

  • Elementary school
  • Junior School.

The final year of Junior School is considered a transition year to prepare students for Senior school, it lays a good foundation for the GCSE programs and serves as an entry point to all schools (General Certificate of Secondary Education).

Secondary education

Takes place at the Senior School, with the final 2 years dedicated to preparing students for successfully clearing their GCSE program and receive their GCSE Certificates.

Students must carefully select the subjects they choose for their GCSE program as their results in those subjects will play a crucial role for their Further education i.e. A-level or IB, as well as for higher education.

International students over the age of 15, seeking education in the UK can enroll in an intensive 1-year long IGCSE program (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) to prepare for their A-level or IB.

Further education
  • A level Study– Under the Advanced Level, students choose 3-4 specialized subjects depending on the degree program they wish to pursue at a higher-level education. Since they are state examinations, A Level certificate results are accepted across all of UK as well as all global education institutes.
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)– There are a number of autonomous schools that offer a wider selection of subjects for students to specialize in. You can choose more than 3-4 subjects under the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.
  • Vocational Courses- Extending to BTEC courses, various private as well as public Colleges of Further education offer an abundance of vocational courses to students, undertaking the development of their practical knowledge and skills in a specific field. Students are awarded with a Diploma or Certificate depending on their course and curriculum.
  • Foundation Courses- An alternative to A Levels, students can choose to take up 1-year Foundation programs at colleges, which are accepted by their partner Universities and at times roll-over to their degree programs as well. Students are usually awarded a certificate or diploma at the end of their course.

There are number of private Boarding Schools offering an outstanding education and a great learning experience to students, should parents be interested to explore this option.

Higher education

4 of the Top 10 universities in the world are from the UK’s Russell Group!

The colleges and universities in UK assure high-quality courses offered under;

  • Undergraduate courses– Offering a wide variety of honors as well as regular degrees, foundation degrees, Higher National Diploma, NHC, SVQ, NVQ
  • Postgraduate courses– Requires a Bachelors’ degree in similar field of study and offers professional degrees, diplomas as well as certificates of education, depending on choice of course.
  • Doctoral Courses– Requires a Postgraduate in similar field of study.
Types of Qualifications

Due to the shorter duration of acquiring a degree, many international students choose to study in the UK as it only takes three years to get an undergraduate degree and one year for a postgraduate degree, which helps cuts down on the cost on education.

Here is a brief review of the prevalent study options in the UK across different levels in British pounds:

Bachelor’s Degree Undergraduate programs focusing on academic knowledge in a variety of courses across various disciples. 3 years £10,000- £25,000
Graduate Diploma Vocational in nature, this qualification aims to develop practical skills of students in a speedy manner. Students can apply after completing their bachelors’ degree preferable in a similar field. It can sometimes be equivalent to a masters’ qualification. 1-2 years £10,000- £30,000
Postgraduate Certificate This education credential provides students with advanced skills in a specific area of specialization and makes you eligible to practice a profession. Requires a bachelors’ degree in any field. 1-2 years £10,000- £20,000
Master’s Degree Postgraduate programs provide a broader view of the subject area and available for coursework as well as research merit. It requires relevant bachelor’s degree from a similar field. 1 year £15,000- £40,000
Doctoral Degree

Higher doctoral degree

PhD is a premier research award which require a masters’ degree and a pre-approved research proposal by a panel of faculty members for admission. 3-4 years £15,000- £24,000

*Please note all fee figures are indicative.

Student Bursaries

Along with the support from the UK government, various institutions offer their own financial aid to students from several countries. Many institutions offer variety of financial assistance for International students in the form of

  • Grants- Usually issued by the government, to award students with monetary assistance to pay for their university education, on the basis of their financial need.
  • Scholarships- Financial aids designed to support student’s education based on academic or other achievements.
  • Tuition waiver- They are granted by the university and essentially reduces the amount of tuition fees that the institute usually charges.
  • Studentships- This type of funding is usually provided for a specific project, covering the cost of tuition and research material along with a stipend allowance for the student.

Subjective to eligibility, there are fully funded post-graduate studentships granted as well.

It is recommended to research your available options and scholarships applicable to you and put together your application early on as there will be many other students who will be doing the same.

Intake season

Universities in the UK typically have three intakes every year;

  • September
  • January
  • April offered for a very few specific courses by some universities.

Depending on the intake you plan to enroll, International Students are advised to

  • Begin the admission process at least 6 months prior
  • Dedicate 3 of those months to accurately fill the application forms
  • Complete any aptitude or Language tests 3 months before
  • Complete visa application and interviews 3 months prior
Employment Opportunities and Future Prospects in the UK

UK universities have decades of experience working with International students and providing them with the incomparable learning experience and encouragement required to gain industry-ready skills.

The UK Student Visa allows International students to work part-time for 20 hours per week and full-time during vacation breaks, empowering them to experience the work culture in the UK.

Depending on your visa guidelines and the college you are enrolled in, many International students are also able to go for work placements and internships alongside their studies to gain some practical knowledge in the field of their interest.

Once you have successfully completed your course, you even have the option to stay and work or explore career prospects by applying for 2-years‘ work experience through the Graduate Route.

PhD graduates are allowed to do the same and are granted 3-years’ work experience.

This process will

  • require a new visa application
  • before the expiry of your Student Visa
  • can only be made while living in the UK

There are a number of sectors that have shown consistent demand and preference by employers;

  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Engineering
  • IT

In today’s competitive economy, employers want high quality employees who have a variety of skill sets, including effective, critical, creative thinking skills and also excellent communication skills.

Universities in UK will provide you ample opportunities to refine your specific skills and qualities that you need to succeed in your field.

Student Visa Requirements

Your student visa permits you to stay and study in the UK for the duration of your course. Based on the revived directives issued under the UK’s new points-based Immigration system, international students will now be required to apply for their visa through the Student Route.

  • A valid passport
  • 2 Passport-size photographs
  • Visa application through the Student Route
  • Visa Application fee receipt
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Unconditional offer from licensed university
  • Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies from licensed university
  • Attested academic documents
  • Attested work experience documents
  • 2 Letters of recommendation from employer
  • Certified English Proficiency Test scores (TOEFL/ IELTS/PTE/DUOLINGO)
  • Scores for GRE/ GMAT, if required
  • Proof of financial welfare
  • Make payment for Immigration Health Surcharge
  • Obtain Biometric residence permit from the UKVI, if applicable

In addition, students may also be asked to come in for a personal interview at the UK Embassy/Consulate with supplementary documents.

Step-by-Step Guide to Application and Visa Process:

Our expert faculty at Study Square will guide and assist you every step of the way and streamline this process for you, offering you the best chance of success for acquiring your visa.

All you need to do is;

  • Register on our website (provide link)
  • Schedule a meeting with our Admission counselor
  • Select a suitable course
  • Shortlist universities based on your preferences
  • With our assistance send your applications to the selected universities
  • Receive expert guidance for Visa application
  • Make payment of financial deposits
  • Acquire Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies from the university
  • Avail our assistance to apply for Visa through the Student Route
  • Collect your stamped passport
  • Attend our pre-departure session
  • Get ready to live your dreams in the Land of Inspiration!


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