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About Exam

It Language is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers preparing to join in English-speaking universities. The test is acceptable in almost every prominent English-Speaking University.

Test Structure

It’s a one-hour online test and is accepted by 2000 plus institutions. It has an adaptive test of 45 minutes which grades you in Reading, Speaking, Listening & Writing along with a Video Interview of 10 minutes which basically deals with open ended questions.

Score Pattern

The Duolingo English Test calculates English proficiency and reports scores on a scale out of 160 in 5-point increments. Test results include an overall score as well as sub scores of Literacy, Conversation, Comprehension, and Production.

Test Registration Process

You need to create an account in the official Duolingo website and register for the test.

The test fees sum up to $49.

Upcoming test dates:

You can book your date according to your convenience after registering yourself for the exam.

Test date checklist:
  • Identification ID
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer with front facing camera
  • A microphone
  • Speakers


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