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Study In Canada

Study in the world’s adventure capital.
Canada is an amazing country filled with wild scenic experiences and one of the best education system in the world

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Future Prospects in Canada

Canada has distinct directives in place for its Student Visa which allows International students to work part-time 20 hours per week, while their course is in session and full-time during holidays and vacation.

Should said students wish to work on campus or intern with a company, then they will be required to get an additional work permit. International students who wish to include work experience as part of their learning process can go for ‘Co-operative Education’, a unique platform that


Integrates lecture-based education and practical work for a holistic learning experience


May require you to have a work permit as a good portion of the course includes work experience.

Additionally, International Graduates can attain a Post Graduate Work Permit and work in Canada for up to three years after graduating from a designated Canadian education institution. There are certain eligibility criteria you need to meet in order to receive this permit;


Uninterrupted full-time study for 8 months preceding the completion of course


Submit application for work permit within 90 days of written confirmation of successful completion of course


Possess a valid study visa while applying for work permit

Once you have acquired some work experience, you can even consider seeking permanent settlement in Canada at a later stage should you be keen to do so.

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