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But first, Scholarships!

Save a huge chunk of your tuition fees as our experts advice you on getting scholarships.

Financial Aid Can Make A Lot Of Difference

We know that tertiary study in overseas destinations can be expensive, but many institutions recognise this and provide scholarships to honour your commitment to studies. These scholarships are specifically intended to ease the burden for aspiring students, so that you can concentrate on achieving the best possible results without being concerned about money.

  • Help is available in some form for many study areas and institutions.

  • We’ll help you easily find and apply for scholarships.

  • You could save thousands of dollars off your course fees.

We will find the right scholarship for your course


There is a vast variety of scholarships available across many of our partner institutions in following destinations:

When you speak with our Education Counsellors, be sure to ask them which scholarships might apply to your situation – you’d be surprised at the difference some extra funds or discounted tuition could make.

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Scholarships & financial aid for international students

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Various scholarships & financial aid offered by universities in Canada for international students are as follows:

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For Undergraduate Students

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For Postgraduate Students

  • Merit-based scholarship

  • Provincial Government scholarship

  • Need-based grants and bursaries by college

  • Tuition Fee waiver

  • Commonwealth scholarship

  • Private or Organizational scholarship

  • Teaching assistantship

  • Provincial Government scholarship

  • Research associateship

  • Professional Development award

  • Fellowship

  • Merit-based scholarship

  • Commonwealth scholarship

  • Private / Organizational scholarship

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