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USA, a modern, democratic country with great healthcare, excellent educational institutions and a geography that’s like no place else on earth.

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Great Land of Opportunities

The country that needs no introduction and easily on the top of the list of all International students dream destination to receive excellence in education. Regardless of the program, students can rest assured that they will be rewarded with endless opportunities while in the capacity of cutting-edge infrastructure of resources and facilities that an education in the US guarantees.

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Unparalleled Academic Ranking

Home to the Ivy-Leagues and some of the most prestigious and reputable Engineering Schools, Law Schools, Medical Schools and Business Schools in the world! The Top 100 University Ranking List is dominated by Colleges and Institutes from the US.

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Academic Flexibility

US Colleges allow students to select their ‘major’ after 2 years of study and the option to complete their study in 4 years or extend up to 6 years, depending on how many credits they score.

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US believes in being at the forefront of technology and lays great emphasis on expansion in Research, Innovation and Development, providing various opportunities across a diverse range of study options for further growth.

Technology Innovation

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Global Recognition

Owing to the impressive global reputation of the USA/America  education system, many international employers seek out graduates from Australian universities for future career prospects.

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Holistic development

With the overwhelming mix of diverse cultures in the US, it is quiet aptly referred to as a ‘melting pot’. International students find this exposure extremely beneficial for their overall global development and interaction.

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Standard of living

Boasting of one of the highest standards of living in the world, the US assures a great overall quality of life and strives to provide quality human development.

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Work Opportunities

In the USA, OPT and CPT work rights are permissible to International students while studying for up to 20 hours per week and full-time during vacation breaks and also upon finishing a degree or diploma.

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