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Study In Singapore

Get a chance to experience the exceptional culture, friendly country, and globally recognised international universities

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Great Land of Opportunities

The Lion City of Singapore, with its articulately planned and steady growth, lays great emphasis on the value and contribution of education towards its flourishing economy.

International students get to experience a truly sophisticated cosmopolitan living at its finest.

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Global academic excellence

Singapore exhibits a world-class academic system which is highly competitive and progressive, thereby earning a superior global reputation for education which is also highly valued by employers around the world.

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Industry Hub

With various MNC giants having their Asian Head Offices set up in Singapore, students get access to global industries and have the opportunity to associate with leading industry players and open doors to potential employment.

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English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil are the official languages spoken in Singapore, allowing International students to prosper and explore various ethnic cultures and providing multiple avenues of communication.

Culturally diverse society

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High standard of living

Considering all the economic, political and geographic benefits, Singapore is considered an extremely viable study destination, with students being able to experience an immersive approach to education.

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Safety and Security

Singapore enjoys the reputation of one of the safest cities in the world adhering to stringent laws enforcement. Many universities even have their own security patrols to offer a sense to comfort to International students living in a foreign city away from home.

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Cost-efficient affordability

In comparison to other major study destinations such as US, UK, Canada, Australia, the tuition and living expenses are fairly modest for an education in Singapore.

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