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Get a chance to experience the exceptional culture, friendly country, and globally recognised international universities

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Employment Opportunities

Future Prospects in Singapore

The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore allows International students to work part-time for 16 hours per week for the duration of their course and full-time during holiday breaks.

International students are eligible to enjoy this policy on their Student Pass itself, provided their university supports a part-time work program.


Long-term Visit Pass Option


Once students complete their course in Singapore, they can stay an additional year without a job offer by applying for a Long-term Visit Pass.

Work Pass for Job Seekers

International students who secure a job during this extended period are issued a Work Pass, granting them permission to stay and work in Singapore.


Commitment under Tuition Grant Scheme

Students opting for financial assistance via the Tuition Grant Scheme must sign an agreement committing to work for at least 3 years in a Singapore registered company after graduation.


Booming Job Prospects

Singapore's strong appeal to investors ensures that job prospects are expected to continue booming, making it an attractive and lucrative option for international students pursuing higher education.

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