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Get a chance to experience the exceptional culture, friendly country, and globally recognised international universities

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Singapore Education System

Transparent Accountability Mechanisms

With a progressive education system, Singapore offers an exemplary standard of academics imparted across all levels of education that stands a class apart worldwide.

The education system includes;

  • Primary School for 6 years

  • Secondary School for (6 years)

  • Post-secondary school: for 1-3 years

  • Junior College Pre university: for 2 years

  • Centralized institute Pre-university- for 3 years

Singapore comprises of Public schools as well as International Schools that follow the foreign education system.

Students can pursue higher education from:


Junior High School which works like a 2-year Intermediate school, after completion of Elementary School. Students are given the opportunity to adjust to the change in curriculum and school environment.


There are 5 polytechnic institutes in Singapore offering industry-oriented programs to International students. Successful completion awards the students with a degree or diploma depending on the course.

Institute of Technical Education

Offer courses to specialize in the technical know-how in fields such as media, business, electronics, applied science.

Apart from the Universities of Singapore, which are autonomous, the Council for Private Education regulates all other private institutes of higher education.

A number of leading international universities have collaborated with Singapore to

  • Set up a physical campus – such as INSEAD Business School, Duke University, SP Jain Center of Management

  • Joint collaboration with local universities- from universities like John Hopkins, MIT, The Wharton School, Stanford, Cornell.


Types of Qualifications

Diverse Range of Study Options

Here is a brief review of the prevalent study options in Australia across different levels in Australian dollars:






Advanced Diploma

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6 months-

2 year

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Provided by institutions offering VET to students and preparing them with the required skill sets for their aspiring field of industry.


Associate degree

Undergraduate programs focusing on academic knowledge in a variety of courses across various disciples.


Bachelor’s Degree

Vocational in nature, this qualification aims to develop the practical skills of students in a speedy manner. Students can apply after completing their bachelor’s degree preferable in a similar field. It can sometimes be equivalent to a master’s qualification.


Postgraduate Diploma

This education credential provides students with advanced skills in a specific area of specialization and makes you eligible to practice a profession. Requires a bachelors’ degree in any field.


Master’s Degree

Postgraduate programs provide a broader view of the subject area and available for coursework as well as research merit. It requires relevant bachelor’s degree from a similar field.


Doctoral Degree

It is awarded when students complete dissertation and successfully defend their work before a panel of faculty members.

Higher doctoral degree

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PhD is a premier research award which require a masters’ degree and a pre-approved research proposal by a panel of institute academics for admission.

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