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Study Abroad: List of academic degrees that make moving to UK easier for Indians

In response to the substantial job shortage experienced across multiple sectors in the UK, which presents a dual challenge for both the economy and the workforce, an AI-backed search platform has created a list of academic degrees that could help tackle this issue. According to official data, Indian nationals emerged as the top nationality receiving long term sponsored work visas in 2022, accounting for 36% of the total, reveals.

Top academic degrees associated with job shortages listed by the platform include the following:

Healthcare-related degrees

According to the National Careers Service, jobs in this sector will have an estimated 6.2% job growth by 2027, leading to 4,300 new jobs. With 48.5% of the workforce projected to retire during the same period, a total of 33,400 vacancies will be available.

Engineering degrees

The engineering field in the UK is experiencing a significant shortage of skilled professionals, resulting in an extensive surplus of job vacancies exceeding 173,000.

Science degrees (Biological scientists and biochemists)

There is a projected job growth of 4.2% in this particular sector by 2027, creating approximately 4,500 new employment opportunities.

Architecture degrees

The sector is expected to experience a 4.3% increase in job opportunities by 2027, resulting in around 2,900 new employment prospects.

Computer science degrees

The field of computer science in the UK is expected to grow, particularly in the areas of programming and software development. It is projected that by 2027, there will be a surge in demand, creating approximately 12,500 new job openings (a 4.2% job growth).

According to official data from the UK Government, the number of Indians granted ‘Worker’ main applicant visas has increased over recent years. An impressive increase of 90% was noticed between December 2019 and September 2022, where the number of Indians receiving these visas more than doubled from 29,552 to 56,042. Additionally, the highest number of grants under the Health and Care visa category was given to Indians, accounting for 36% of the total grants. These data demonstrate the contribution of Indians in the UK healthcare and skilled sectors.

The compilation of the above academic degrees is aimed at helping students make informed decisions on the degrees and knowledge they should equip themselves with to thrive in the job market.



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