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Embark on your educational journey in the United Kingdom, where quality meets diversity, and every student finds their path to excellence

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Student Visa Requirements

Your student visa permits you to stay and study in the UK for the duration of your course. Based on the revived directives issued under the UK’s new points-based Immigration system, international students will now be required to apply for their visa through the Student Route.

In order to apply for any of the above-mentioned visas, you will require some basic documents such as;

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A valid passport
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Offer letter from the University
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Previous Visa Rejection Letter
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Visa and Health Insurance fee
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Work Experience documents
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Academic documents (Original)
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English Language score card
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CAS Letter
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Financial proof
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Work Experience Letter

In addition, students may also be asked to come in for a personal interview at the UK Embassy/Consulate with supplementary documents.

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Visa Process

Step-by-Step Guide to Application and Visa Process

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Step 1

Register on our website (provide link)

Shortlist universities based on your preferences

Step 5

With our assistance send your applications to the selected universities

Step 6

Receive expert guidance for Visa application

Step 2

Schedule a meeting with our Admission counselor

Step 3

Select a suitable course

Step 4
Step 7

Make payment of financial deposits

Step 8

Acquire Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies from the university

Step 9
Step 11
Step 10

Our expert faculty at Study Square will guide and assist you every step of the way and streamline this process for you, offering you the best chance of success for acquiring your visa. All you need to do is;

Attend our pre-departure session

Collect your stamped passport

Avail our assistance to apply for Visa through the Student Route

Step 12

Get ready to live your dreams in the Land of Inspiration!

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Let’s connect!

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