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In Germany, the academic year is typically divided into two main intakes for undergraduate and master's studies for international students:


Summer Intake - April

This is the primary intake period for most undergraduate and master's programs.Application deadlines for the winter semester vary depending on the university and program, but they generally fall between May and July.


It's important for international students to check the specific application deadlines for their chosen programs and universities, as they may vary.


Winter Intake - September/October

While less common, some universities offer a limited number of programs with intake in the summer semester.


Application deadlines for the summer semester are typically in the preceding winter months, around November to January.Not all programs are available for admission in the summer semester, so it's essential for international students to verify program availability with their chosen universities.It's worth noting that certain programs, particularly those with restricted admission (Numerus Clausus), may have specific application procedures and deadlines.




Additionally, some universities may offer rolling admissions or additional intake periods for certain programs, especially in fields with high demand. Prospective international students should carefully review the admission requirements, application procedures, and deadlines for their desired programs and universities well in advance to ensure they meet all requirements and submit their applications on time.

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