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Intake season

In Ireland, higher education institutions typically have two main intakes for international students:

Ireland offers various intake periods, which differ based on the educational level and the institution providing the program. Below are the common intakes in Ireland:


Autumn Intake

The autumn intake, also known as the fall intake, is the primary intake period for most undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Ireland.

Many universities and colleges start their academic year in September or October, aligning with the autumn intake.

International students planning to begin their studies in Ireland in the autumn intake should generally start their application process well in advance, usually about 9-12 months before the intended start date. This allows sufficient time for application submission, processing, visa application (if applicable), and preparation for relocation


Spring Intake

Some universities and colleges in Ireland offer a secondary intake period in January or February, known as the spring intake.
The spring intake is less common than the autumn intake and typically offers a more limited range of programs and courses.
International students who miss the autumn intake or wish to start their studies later in the academic year may consider applying for programs with a spring intake.

Application deadlines for the spring intake vary by institution and program, but students are generally advised to apply several months in advance, typically by the previous autumn.

It's important for international students to check the specific application deadlines and requirements for their chosen institution and program, as they may vary. Additionally, students should consider factors such as visa processing times, English language proficiency requirements, and any prerequisite qualifications or standardized tests required for admission.



Overall, both the autumn and spring intakes provide opportunities for international students to pursue higher education in Ireland, with each intake offering its own advantages and considerations.

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