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The USA is one of the greatest study destinations in the world.Boasting incredible technological advancements and a robust society

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Employment Opportunities

Future Prospects in USA

International students holding F-1 Student Visa are permitted to work on campus 20 hours a week for the duration of their course and full-time during vacation breaks.


Curricular Practical Training

Certain courses are inclusive of a practical training component as part of the curriculum and is a requirement for credit whilst also providing hands-on experience to students in their field of study.



 International Students with F-1 visa are also eligible to take up 1 year of Optional Practical Training after completing one academic year of their degree, in a field related to their course.



students who complete a degree STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) are allowed OPT for a period of 2 years.

DHS STEM Designated Degree Program  List may be entitled to a 24-month extension of OPT (36 months total).

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