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Australia, a modern, democratic country with great healthcare, excellent educational institutions and a geography that’s like no place else on earth.

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To begin with International Students planning to apply for their US Student visa must have a clear understanding of the visa they should be applying for;


F-1 Student Visa


International students engaging in a full course of academic study in an accredited educational program that has been designated by DHS or Department of Homeland Security.

J-1 Exchange Student Visa


M-1 Vocational Student Visa

International students enrolled in a vocational program or school in the US. They must maintain a full course of study; part-time study is only permitted if authorized by the DSO.

Applicable to exchange visitors with the premise of studying at an academic institution under the auspices of the United States Information Agency and a designated program sponsor. Visa holders are eligible for up to 18 months of Practical Academic Training and up to 36 months for post-doctoral training.

In order to apply for any of the above mentioned visas, you will require some basic documents such as;

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A valid passport
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SEVIS Application fees payment
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2-4 Passport size photographs
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Statement of Purpose
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Form I-20 issued by designated university

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Attested academic transcripts
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Completed Application DS-160 form

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Letters of recommendation
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Proof of financial statements
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 Attested work experience documents, if applicable
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Scores for SAT/ACT/ GRE/ GMAT, if required

All applying students are required to schedule and their personal interview at the embassy for approval of their Student visa.​​

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Step-by-Step Guide to Application and Visa Process

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Step 1

Register on our website (provide link)

Our expert faculty at Study Square will guide and assist you every step of the way offering you the best chance of success to study at your dream university in USA. All you need to do is;

Step 4

Shortlist universities based on your preferences

Step 5

With our assistance send your applications to the selected universities

Step 3

Select a suitable course

Step 2

Schedule a meeting with our Admission counselor

Step 6

Receive expert guidance for Visa application

Step 7

Make payment of financial deposits

Step 8
Step 11

With an empire state of mind fly off to the land of the free!

Step 10

Secure a I 20 from your choice of university

Attend our pre-departure session

Step 9

Avail our assistance to Apply for your visa

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Day 1 


Mandatory Documents

1.    Original Passport 

2.   DS 160 Confirmation Page
3.   Appointment Confirmation Page

Day 2

Consulate Interview

Mandatory Documents

1.    Original Passport 
2.    DS 160 Confirmation Page
3.    Appointment Confirmation Page

4.    I 20 in Original or Scanned Copy – DULY SIGNED by Student or parent too in case of minor 
5.    SEVIS Fee Payment Receipt – 350 USD

Supplementary Documents

1.  Academic Documents – Original (Carry from class 10th onwards)

2. Offer Letter of the university attending

3. Any Scholarship or Award Letter (If you have separate)

4. Financial Documents – Bank Statements and Bank Letters shown for I 20 dated within last 3 months

5. Bank Loans (If you have availed)

6. Test Scores – SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS & TOEFL

7. Any more offer Letters or I 20’s for any other Universities

8. Old Passport if was there

Expected Interview Questions for  United States  

1.     What is your university/ college name?
2.    Why have you selected this college/ university for your further study?
3.    Where do you intend to stay in U. S?
4.    What is the name of the course that you are going to study in U. S?
5.    What have you selected this institute?
6.    Why have you chosen to study this course? 
7.     What are the major subjects that you going to study under this course?
8.    Tell me brief synopsis of the course?
9.     How do you think this course will improve your curricular skills?
10.   What is your course commencement date & completion date?
11.    What is the duration of your course?
12.   What is per semester tuition fee & total tuition fee of your course?
13.   After completion of the course what kind of a job would you be looking for?
14.   Who is your financial sponsor for the course of study?
15.   What is your relationship with the your sponsor?
16.   Provide details about your Sponsor? How many Family mem, & their age.
17.   Where does he/ she works and in what capacity
18.   What is monthly / annual income of your father / sponsor?
19.   What is the scope of your course of study back in your Country?
20.  Which other universities did you apply?

PS. some tips

1.    Reach 15 minutes in advance for both appointments
2.    On day 2 – phones cannot be carried inside – thus prepare accordingly
3.    Please wear Formal or Semi-Formal clothes for the interview
4.    Be clear – listen the question & answer to the point
5.    Do not make fidgeting movements
6.    Always keep a smile on your face
7.    Address the questions asked – do not cram the answers
8.    Your Purpose of studies – why this university & course
9.    Your Funding – who will sponsor – details of what the sponsor does
10.    Your Ties to home country – plans after the education keeping that student will return to India after the course 

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